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ReadyCNA is an interactive, online training curriculum designed to prepare students for careers as certified nursing assistants. The high-quality, interactive, and engaging curriculum revolves around “The Residents,” a three-hour, Hollywood-quality movie that depicts the life of a newly hired CNA. ReadyCNA goes beyond helping you learn the required skills to achieve CNA certification... It prepares you for the emotional and interpersonal challenges, realities, and rewards of the job and a career in healthcare.

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ReadyCNA Benefits Include:

  • A high-quality, interactive online offering you can take from anywhere and at your own pace.

  • The flexibility and ease of online learning in a straightforward web portal. 

  • Fun and engaging content to prepare you for real-life experiences. 

  • High pass rates

With ReadyCNA, you gain the real-life skills needed to become a CNA at home and at your own pace...

Unlike other CNA curriculums, ReadyCNA helps future CNAs not only acquire the skills needed to be successful in their jobs, but to also gain an understanding of the emotional and social aspects involved in their careers. Follow a new CNA in a Hollywood-quality film as she works with different residents with different personalities and health needs, utilizing a case-study approach to learning. The curriculum helps prepare well-trained, empathic CNA professionals like you for real-world experiences, while also improving pass and completion rates.

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